The Los Alamos Primer PDF Woes

Back in the 1990's, LANL started their Library Without Walls Project, and naturally one of the first items to release was the first official Los ALamos report, LA-1 - The Los Alamos Primer.

Trying out LWW for the first time, I started at LA-1 and quickly discovered the librarian got a bit over-exuberant with the "Approved For Public Release" banners and clobbered the first line of Page 2 (fourth page of the pdf):

Los Alamos Primer with first line of Page 2 clobbered

I complained, and so this is what we got next:

Los Alamos Primer with Page 2 scanned from a different copy of the report (with different font!)

Now if you're like me, this makes you want to jam a pencil in your ear, so here's a proper version:

Los Alamos Primer

P. David Buchan