Countdown Clock

Years ago I used a little program called RCT which would display the years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until retirement. It no longer works without the old Visual Basic 5.0 run-time libraries (See Microsoft Article 180071 to obtain them), so I've created a new program out of Visual Basic.NET. The look is nearly identical, except that the original had italic numbers and I've used non-italic. It's actually just a general countdown clock rather than retirement clock. You can have it display whatever message you want.

You use it by editing the text file to contain the end-date and time you want and the message you want. Other than stop, it currently doesn't do anything special when the end-date and time is reached.

The calculation of time difference between start (now) and end-date (from file) should be rigorously correct for all leap-years, leap-seconds, etc. The calculation method was taken from the C# implementation jwg.cs, which can be found in this fellow's Date-Difference project.


Full VB.NET project: (176 KB).

32-bit executable and example textfile: (10 KB).

64-bit executable and example textfile: (10 KB).

P. David Buchan