VICE Output to PostScript - FORTRAN Version (vicetops.f)

Latest release: 25 August 2012 - Should work with both viceprnt.out and print.dump files.

This version of VICEtoPS was written in the FORTRAN programming language.

As with other versions of this utility, you must have the character set ROM image file in the same directory. This Commodore character set (8 KB) was obtained from It is a binary ROM image file.

Source: vicetops.f.tar.gz (8.5 KB)

Note: If at runtime an error occurs reporting a failed attempt to access a non-existent record in the character file, try compiling with "-assume byterecl". For example, with a Linux Intel compiler:

ifort -assume byterecl vicetops.f

The reason for this error is that some compilers assume a record length of 4 bytes, while others assume 1 byte. For gfortran on Ubuntu, this compiler flag is not necessary since it assumes 1 byte record length.

Usage: with compiled/linked version (i.e., the executable), type vicetops[.exe] at command line to get usage instructions.

P. David Buchan