VICE Output to PostScript (VICEtoPS)

Latest release: 25 August 2012 - Should work with both viceprnt.out and print.dump files.

I have created here a utility which will produce a simulated Commodore dot-matrix printout from the "print.dump" or "viceprnt.out" file obtained from the VICE emulator.

The utility creates an Adobe PostScript file which, when printed on a PostScript-enabled printer, displays the full set of Commodore characters. Because I redefine an existing font (in order to have the special Commodore characters and to have the dot-matrix look), there is a large overhead (about 300 kB) that always comes with the PostScript file. Nevertheless, I decided it was a tolerable burden.

I provide this program with the hope that someone may choose to incorporate/modify it into their own Commodore utility or emulation software, or simply make use of it when running VICE. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence, a copy of which is included with each source and executable file.

Here is an example of what the utility does:

Taking my VICE emulator printer dump file print.dump (22.8 KB) or WinVICE emulator printer output file viceprnt.out (23.4 KB), a PostScript printout file (zipped, 19 KB) was generated. A pdf version (65 KB) was later created from the PostScript using Adobe Distiller. Note the significant decrease in file size as the PostScript (.ps) is converted to Portable Document Format (.pdf).

Available versions:

  1. Visual Basic.NET
  2. Perl
  3. C
  5. Common Lisp

P. David Buchan