BusCard (Revision A) Gallery

The 8-SPST DIP switch is mounted on a wirewrap socket because eight 1N4148 diodes are located immediately underneath the socket.

Top Views:
top_with_cover1.jpg top_with_cover2.jpg top_with_bottom_cover1.jpg top_with_bottom_cover2.jpg
top_no_covers1.jpg top_no_covers2.jpg
Side Views:
side_view01.jpg side_view02.jpg side_view03.jpg
side_view04.jpg side_view05.jpg side_view06.jpg
side_view07.jpg side_view08.jpg side_view09.jpg
side_view10.jpg side_view11.jpg side_view12.jpg
Bottom Views:
bottom_no_covers1.jpg bottom_no_covers2.jpg
Top foil with most components removed:
Top and bottom covers:
top_cover_inside.jpg bottom_cover_inside.jpg bottom_cover_underside.jpg
Backlit views:
top_of_board_backlit.jpg bottom_of_board_backlit.jpg expansion_port_backlit1.jpg expansion_port_backlit2.jpg
Diodes that were hidden by the DIP switch, shown here with DIP switch and wirewrap socket removed:
BusCard clip:
clips.jpg not_plugged_in.jpg plugged_in.jpg

P. David Buchan pdbuchan@yahoo.com

February 1, 2015